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One Thing: Change Your Scenery

May 30, 2012


This semester I decided to bite the bullet and buy a ticket to LA for a week-long trip. I didn’t even have to read any of those women-traveling-solo encouragers (even though it appears I *might* own one or two). Forget I said that. Since I tend to go MIA while school is in session and […]

One Thing: Do What You Love

February 29, 2012


I have a lot of loves. Some of my loves come out and take risks from time to time, and some of them, well, they are still waiting for their debut. We all have loves. People, places, objects, yes — but what I’m really referring to here is work — the type of work that […]

One Thing: Uncensor Your Creativity

December 7, 2011


Dodge your negative censors and toss the long list of excuses that keeps you in a creative rut [Crater Lake from Garfield Peak, circa early 1900s from OSU’s digital collection of lantern slides.] Wouldn’t it be great if we never doubted ourselves, never thought twice about what someone else would think of our endeavors, our […]

One Thing: Believe the Impossible

August 31, 2011


[London street art. Photo credit: mermaid99] Believe the Impossible. Take a moment, or two or three, to believe in what seems impossible. Believe that you are utterly significant and able to overcome any fear or hurdle you face. “There is no use trying,” said Alice. “One can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much […]

One Thing: Take Pictures

August 24, 2011


Take Pictures. We can all open our eyes and minds to capture beauty. Whether in the natural world or in the least likely of places, beauty can be found. And if you make note of it, with (or without) a camera in hand, your life will be all the richer. “Can we not think of […]

One Thing: Be Proactive

August 17, 2011


Be Proactive. Procrastination is the antithesis of happiness. If you’re dreading a task or feeling unsure of yourself, just. do. one. thing… that’s all. Do the first thing you know to do, and you’ll soon be building momentum again. “Our limitations and successes will be based, most often, on our own expectations for ourselves. What […]

One Thing: Un-complicate

August 10, 2011


Un-complicate. We crave simplicity, but often feel guilty when it comes. How can we un-complicate our lives while still remaining productive and creating value? Whenever I feel overwhelmed and need a fresh perspective, there are always a few simple guides that show up to encourage and lend a helping hand: Beauty, Truth, and Good Friends, […]