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My Trash…Africa’s Treasure? Not Likely.

August 31, 2012


This is part 3 in a blog series exploring our wardrobe and our lifestyle: who makes our clothes, where our clothes come from, and why a struggle for quality over convenience might just change our outlook on life and the world around us. Read part 1 and 2. Photo credit: James Greenfield via Flickr. It’s easy […]

Bold Moves at Brass Razoo

November 2, 2011


Social worker turned designer, Elise Vaughn, has a whole lotta bold moves, gorgeous baubles, and restyled wearables Model, Lindsey Anderson wearing the Elise Vaughn Metal Collar Necklace, $36 Elise Vaughn’s well-loved boutique, Brass Razoo, was on my list of must-visits during a trip back to Idaho this past summer. That was when I heard the news: Brass Razoo […]

Junky Styling: Wardrobe Surgery

October 13, 2011


Let’s be honest. In the fashion world, the last adjective you ever want to hear used to label your clothing or style is “junky.” Fashion is the land of trending, innovation, and newer-than-thou. And even with an upsurge in thrifting and vintage wear, what you strive for is to say: “Oh, this? Super cute, right? […]

How-To Embroidery Stitches

September 14, 2011


Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with needle and thread (or yarn) and often includes the addition of other objects such as beads or sequins. It’s a practice used to create unique patterns and even sew stories into fabric which can carry meaning from one generation to the next. The spiral couching (above) and […]

Happy Labor {of Love} Day

September 5, 2011


I’m as guilty as any when it comes to the occasional quick fix of clothing and accessories on the big box retail scene. But, I’m also fed up with buying things that have to be put to rest 12 months (if I’m lucky) down the road! Consequently, I’m convinced that there’s a better way to replenish […]

ReMade: White Dress (After) Party

August 16, 2011


Have you ever bought that key piece for a special occasion or theme party (Great Gatsby gathering, anyone?) and absolutely loved it, but could never find a reason to wear it again? Well then grab a pair of scissors, because you’re in luck! For my friend’s birthday, she decided to have an all-white polo event […]

Thrifting Tips from Wanderlost

August 9, 2011


Jessica Parvin, owner of Wanderlost Clothing, shares the 411 on how to lose the label and build your personal style with thrifted finds. Whether it’s the thrill of the hunt that motivates you or an economic necessity, there are many different reasons for buying and wearing thrifted finds. For Jessica Parvin, it began as a way […]

Small Space, Big Style

May 29, 2011


A big hug and thank you to BRAVA Magazine for featuring my downtown Madison apartment in their June 2011 issue. Click on the image above to zoom in on the details, and make sure to read my tips for styling small spaces!