Fashion At Liberty is a blog focused on ethical, sustainable, and socially conscious style run by Stephanie Carnes. The site kicked off in 2011 with the intent to explore the work that individuals, companies, and organizations are doing to make the world a better place by utilizing new approaches in fashion design and responsible production.

Here are a few core values that have stuck:

    1. Respect and help others.
    2. Guard the land.
    3. Steward resources.
    4. Create beauty and value.
    5. Shop responsibly.

Stephanie CarnesStephanie believes in the age-old virtues of ingenuity and craftsmanship. After growing up in the mountains of California and Idaho and later traveling to places like El Salvador and India, her conviction grew to advocate for social good in ways that go beyond a simple handout. Alongside a rural upbringing exploring nature, those experiences have helped contribute to a healthy and hopeful perspective on the fast fashion industry.

Stephanie studied Textile and Apparel Design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Accessories Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Twitter: @CarnesStephanie

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If you’re interested in being a contributor, collaborating, or want to share your stuff, email away!

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for treading this way online. We have wanted to for some time to recognize the local fashion talent we have in Madison. I really like your commitment to FashionAtLiberty you are making waves for all of us.

    Thanks again. Keep up the great work.


  2. Hi!
    Your story is so inspirational! I am very interested about how you start your blogging? and I wonder how do you promote your blog and your ideas about environment?

    • Thanks, Lun Ou!
      I started blogging a few years back about health and food issues and then began to hone in on design and fashion. It was an easy transition, because the conscious fashion world is simply following the larger organic, slow food movement. Everything starts with the health of our land, the source of our fiber and materials. Being ethical as a fashion designer or business is, more than anything, about knowing your supply chain from the ground up and doing your best to consider everything and everyone it affects along the way. Right now, I’m finishing my studies in accessories design and making plans to start my own business. I will continue to share the work of others that I find inspiring here on fashionatliberty.com.


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