Nisolo: The Shoemaker’s Process

Posted on September 26, 2015


Willan, Nisolo Master Shoemaker

Willan, Nisolo Master Shoemaker

Nisolo, which means “not alone”, is a Nashville-based accessories brand that I’ve been following and admiring since they first started making shoes in 2011. Co-Founders Patrick Woodyard and Zoe Cleary work directly with skilled craftspeople in Trujillo, Peru to create their leather goods. It’s a beautiful process to watch, and the items that result are classic staples produced in a way that honors everyone involved.

Peru_Willan_Shoemaking_Process-2 Peru_Willan_Shoemaking_Process-3 Peru_Willan_Shoemaking_Process-4 Peru_Willan_Shoemaking_Process-5

“Shoemaking is an inheritance that’s handed down to us. It’s who we are and what we care about. The passion comes from our fathers and runs through our veins. From designing the model, cutting the leather, and forming the shoe, it’s an art form.” – Willan, Nisolo Master Shoemaker

Nisolo currently employs over 50 people, sustaining the jobs of craftspeople in Peru and preserving a creative skill set passed down from generations. Every pair of shoes is made by hand. Watch how it’s done:

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