Summer Update: MIA at a Dude Ranch

Posted on August 18, 2014



Howdy Partners!

It’s been slow around these blog parts for some months now… All the while, things in real life have been kicking up some dust. Quite literally, actually. I took the summer as a reprieve from the city to work on a dude ranch. I’m writing you from my Colorado cabin now, surrounded by rolling hills, as I think back on this past year and what my next few steps will be…

A lot has happened since I moved to NYC one year ago.

Finishing school at FIT wasn’t always a breeze, but I was able to find bright lights in dark places, a room of my own where I could better realize and work towards my goals, and some of the dearest friends and mentors. I somehow turned 30 through it all, graduated with two degrees, and became a finalist for the Independent Handbag Designer Awards. You can view my home vid for the competition here.

Stephanie Carnes IHDA

But why the dude ranch stint you ask? My first response to this question is frankly, why the hell not? If there’s something you want to do or explore in life, refuse to do it vicariously. That said, I’ve yet to check off everything on my summer bucket list (no bull castration this time around).

More than anything though, my choice to spend the summer wearing boots and tucking in my shirttails was one of solidifying values. I grew up in a rural setting and, as a designer who primarily works with leather, know that continually going back to the land to slow down and re-prioritize will help me develop my creativity and supply chain from the ground up.

There are good things on the not-so-distant horizon for you and I… Let go, be true to yourself, and choose to embrace every experience with a sense of hope and gratitude.


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