NYC Design Collective Held First Pop-Up Shop in East Village

Posted on October 7, 2013


Six eco-conscious NYC designers came together yesterday afternoon at 75 E 4th Street in the East Village for a collaborative pop-up shop made possible by Made in the Lower East Side (an awesome org that offers short-term multi-use spaces as community hubs).

The storefront showcased a combination of apparel, accessories, and jewelry all from brands that produce here in NYC, with the exception of BHAVA who works directly with artisans overseas. Here’s a quick look at some of their wares:

nyc design collective fall pop up shop

Clockwise from top left:

Each one of these designers is making an impact in the industry by employing their creative talent and individual approach to sustainability, whether that be zero-waste design, organic and vegan materials, recycled metals and ethically sourced gem stones, or going against the grain of seasonal fashion and producing garments on an as-needed bases.

Shop each line and get more info by visiting the links above. You can also follow the tag #NYCDesign online for more pop-up-dates and collaborations to come and/or subscribe to the Ethical Fashion Academy for future ethical fashion events.