Jewelry that Makes Love, Redeems War

Posted on February 8, 2013


bombshell jewelry from Shopanthropic

Shopanthropic represents a network of artisans world-wide and helps people in underprivileged communities gain new opportunities for employment. Consequently, home-based artisans in Cambodia have been gaining professional training and skills to create a small collection of fashion accessories.

What’s interesting about this group of artisans in Cambodia is not just what they are gaining from a production partnership with Shopanthropic, but also the materials they’re redeeming. Left over war remnants including bomb shells and bullet casings are being transformed into shiny new wearables. These jewelry pieces are hand-made with 100% recycled materials.


Recycled Bullet Pendant $25, Recycled Bomb Shell Cuff $50, Recycled Bomb Shell Bangles $25, Recycled Bomb Shell & Natural Stone Pendant $25, Unisex Black Cord & Recycled Bomb Shell Bracelet $10.

As Valentine’s Day draws nearer, Shopanthropic has also started a #Globallove campaign to encourage people to buy ethically. Through February 14th, they are offering 35% off all purchases by entering the discount code “globallove” at checkout.

Purchase the collection here.