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Shopping Without the Slave Labor

May 20, 2013


Stephanie Carnes Dress for Change 2014

Update Time! The past couple months have been spent finishing my last semester studying fashion design at UW-Madison. I’ve been working away on some of my own projects, which included a design competition I helped start with local Madison retailer, Change Boutique. The dress I designed and made will be part of an exclusive collection produced […]

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Thread Documentary Pulls Back the Fashion Curtain to Reveal the Facts

February 17, 2013



The future of fashion demands sustainability Environmental impact of the clothing we wear beckons our attention. With the textile industry being one of the two largest polluters in the world and the biggest polluter of water, the need for brands to take responsibility cannot be denied. In Thread Documentary, a film set to release in 2014, producer […]

American Summer: Life, Liberty & Courage to Pioneer

July 4, 2013


Stephanie Carnes_Placerville

Having grown up in the mountains of California and Idaho as a young girl, I am amazed at how my upbringing continues to direct my current path. Beyond my family built home many miles from any sign of pavement, I used to explore my surroundings on foot and by horseback. It wasn’t uncommon to spend […]

6 Summer Sandals: Flats & Mini Wedges to Boot

June 1, 2013


Hunting for new warm weather gear? Here’s a sandal six-pack to help get you prepped for summer fun times. Whether vegan leather or fair working conditions, the ingredients that make up these strappy little finds are both worthwhile and aesthetically on the money. I’m pleased to say that I would wear each and every one […]

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New Initiative: Forgotten Socks

February 16, 2013



The new Forgotten Socks initiative teaches Congo widows how to knit, an action that remembers those in need of opportunity. I shared about some mean custom tees when I first profiled Forgotten Shirts over here. Since then, their work creating jobs in Uganda and Minneapolis for farmers and textile workers has expanded. They’ve now taken on another knit essential: […]

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Modavanti: Social, Conscious Shopping

February 14, 2013



I finally got a chance to login and check out Modavanti over the weekend, an online hub for sustainable fashion that just launched last month. Yep, it’s killer. Modavanti has a super simple interface, which makes it easy to shop for stylish pieces. When you create an account you can even add to your own online closet […]

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